The commander of the Air Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Brigadier General Ali Hajizadeh. (Al Arabiya)

August 9, 2017

The commander of the Air Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Brigadier General Ali Hajizadeh, said that the United States wants to apply the Libyan model in Iran in response to reports about the United States pressuring the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect suspicious military sites in Iran.

According to Fares news agency, Haji Zadeh said in a press statement that “through manipulations such as sanctions, pressure and psychological warfare, the Americans are seeking to disarm Iran and are in the process of implementing the Libyan model on us, but we will not surrender to their methods.”

He added, “We, the forces of the Revolutionary Guards and the sole military force of the region, support the government to be able to stand against the ambitions of enemies, especially America.”

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The US Associated Press quoted US administration sources as saying that US President Donald Trump will step up surveillance and inspection of Iranian military and nuclear sites suspected of violating the terms of the agreement, particularly regarding the level of enrichment, research on the possibility of producing nuclear warheads and centrifuges , through the International Atomic Energy Agency.

On the other hand, Iran is threatening to reduce the IAEA’s monitoring of its nuclear facilities and return to enriching uranium at high rates, in response to the US administration’s actions in case of reviewing the nuclear agreement.

Iran’s file in the White House

The US president had taken the Nuclear Agreement file from the US State Department’s and assigned a team of National Security members and White House advisers to review the deal within three months.

After the deadline, the team will provide a comprehensive report on Iran’s compliance and details of its violations and the ensuing consequences.

Trump has announced that his administration will work to amend the nuclear deal with Iran, in line with the spirit of the agreement, which prevents Tehran from producing nuclear weapons and put an end to Tehran’s expansionist and destabilizing policy in the region as well as its support for terrorism.

Al Arabiya

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