Kuwaiti journalist Mubarak al-Bugaily – File photo/Official Twitter account

July 3, 2017

Al-Ruwais Commercial Port in Qatar has received supplies trucks from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, to aid the Gulf emirate during the boycott imposed by its Arab neighbors, according to Kuwaiti journalist Mubarak al-Bugaily on Saturday.

Bugaily shared footage showing trucks carrying Iranian plates, alleged to be at the Qatari port, while there was no proof it’s recent footage.

The journalist used the footage to approve that Iran is a good friend of Qatar, which denies its allegation of opposing the country’s policies in the region.

“To whoever defends Qatar and say it’s against Iran, here are the Revolutionary Guard’s trucks at Al-Ruwais Port in Doha,” Bugaily said through Twitter on Saturday, adding: “Like the Iranian wolf infiltrated Syria, Iraq and Yemen, now it infiltrates Qatar.”

مبارك البغيلي @M__albugaily

شاحنات الحرس الثوري الإيراني تصل إلى ميناء الرويس في الدوحة .. إلى الذين يدافعون عن قطر ويقولون أنهم ضد إيران !

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