A vehicle allegedly used by Hezbollah to transfer arms targeted by the IDF near the Lebanon border in Syria, April 15, 2020. (Supplied)

April 16, 2020

An Israeli military drone fired two missiles on Wednesday at a Jeep carrying four Hezbollah fighters just inside Syria near the border with Lebanon.

The first strike missed, and the four men — one thought to be a senior security official in the Iran-backed militant group — fled for their lives before a second strike destroyed the vehicle.

A Lebanese security official at the border told Arab News the targeted vehicle was in Syrian territory, about 200 meters from the Syrian customs post.

“The Israeli plane targeted the car near the Zabadani Bridge inside Syrian territory, but did not hit it,” the official said.

“It was again targeted near a pastry shop called Al-Haidari near the Jadida Yabus crossing. Those in the car jumped out of it before it was hit, and miraculously survived, because the car was burned and badly damaged.”

Hezbollah has camps, offices and operatives in the area on a continuous basis, the official said. “The targeted vehicle did not cross the Lebanese-Syrian border, and was probably heading from Damascus to these camps and offices.”

Israel has recently posted online photos and videos of Hezbollah and Iranian activity in the Golan in southern Syria, where Hezbollah is establishing cells in the area close to the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel rejects their presence, and has pledged to eliminate them. There are suggestions that the security official targeted in Jadida Yabus is linked to Hezbollah activity in the Syrian Golan.

Arab News

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