July 11, 2017

The former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army said that he believes the US will soon designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation as part of the US’s campaign to confront the Iranian Regime.

Jack Keane, a defence analyst who currently serves as chairman of the board for the Institute for the Study of War, told the Free Iran Gathering on Saturday: “The United States government, who has already declared the Quds Force a foreign terrorist organisation, will declare the IRGC a terrorist organisation. The United States government will no longer appease or accommodate Iran but will confront Iran.”

He stated that the US Government, despite its method of confrontation, knows that the Regime is not capable of change and Keane believes they will support Regime change.
He said: “The United States government knows Iran, while it should be confronted, is not capable of fundamental change. The United States government knows that Iran is evil to its core. The United States government, in my judgment, will support the people of Iran to change the regime.”
Keane, a retired four-star general, also expressed his support for the Resistance and their ever-growing movement.
He said: “I have never been with a group who has had such a singular and overwhelming focus as you do. I’m proud to be among you. We assemble today as people who respect freedom and liberty, with one cause and one cause only, to free Iran.”

Keane then spoke of the threat posed by the mullah’s Regime to the rest of the world, with their nuclear weapons and ballistic weapons programme, interference in the Middle East in order to gain dominance, and their support for terrorism.

He said: “Since 1980, the mullahs have stated their strategic objective every single year. Spread the Islamic Revolution throughout the region. And to succeed at that, number one, drive the United States out of the region. And number two, destroy the state of Israel.”

He spoke of Iran’s plan to build a land bridge from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean, which they would use to transport militants, weapons, and money across the Middle East to aid terrorist cells like Hamas and Hezbollah in the destruction of Israel.

He said: “It is their number one strategic objective. That is why Iran moved so quickly into Syria to prop up their client the Assad regime [because Syria in one of the countries they would need control over and the rebels would not support that].”

The Iranian Regime would also need to control Yemen in order to make the land bridge happen, which is the Regime has invested money in proxy groups to destabilise Yemen.

Keane said: “They not only want to control Yemen, they want a navy base in southern Yemen which is an entrance to the Suez Canal. Much as they have influenced in the Gulf of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.”


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