August 2, 2016

Iran’s IRNA news agency reports that a 28-member economic and commercial delegation from Kazakhstan and the Kazakh ambassador in Tehran arrived in Iranian province of Alborz on Monday.

Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Masood Ghassemi told IRNA that the delegation, led by a Kazakh governor general of Kazakhstan, visited Alborz Province.

He is quoted as saying that Kazakhstan is the biggest economic and political power in Central Asia, enjoying highest trade ties with Iran.

He noted that cultural, religious, and historical affinities and positive view of Kazakh people towards Iranian culture, civilization and people have provided suitable grounds for expansion of cultural and economic relations between Iran and Kazakhstan.

He noted that so far commercial delegations from Ukraine, Bosnia, Italy, France, Croatia, Estonia, Portugal, India, Taiwan and Croatia have visited Alborz Province.

Alborz Province is Iran’s industry hub for having about 3,500 small- and large-sized manufacturing and industrial units, part of their industrial products being exported.

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