Nairobi, capital of Kenya (Flickr/CC BY-2.0/Demosh)

December 19, 2016

Two Iranian men who were found with video footage of the Israeli embassy in Kenya have been deported after a deal was reached to drop charges against them, Kenyan officials said Monday.

The two men had faced charges of collecting information to facilitate a terrorist attack.

They were deported Saturday after a court order, the head of Kenya’s anti-terrorism unit, Munga Nyale, said. Their lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdulahi, said they were deported because there was no evidence in the charges they faced.

The prosecution has said an agreement to deport them was reached after a meeting between the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Iranian embassy.

Sayed Nasrollah Ebrahim and Abdolhosein Gholi Safaee were riding in an Iranian embassy vehicle when they were arrested outside the Israeli embassy late last month.

Iran has said they are lawyers who were in Kenya representing two Iranians jailed for 15 years for terrorism. Those men, Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad and Sayed Mansour Mousavi, led officials to a 15-kilogram (33-pound) stash of the explosive RDX.

Iranian agents have been suspected in attacks or thwarted attacks around the globe in recent years, including in Azerbaijan, Thailand and India. Most of the plots had Israeli targets.


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