An Iranian student wears tape over her mouth and indicates her objection to the conservative press by holding a copy of the conservative daily Kayhan with the title crossed out. (AFP)

November 19, 2019

A hardline newspaper affiliated with the office of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is suggesting that those who led violent protests will be executed by hanging as the unrest continues.

An article published Tuesday in the Kayhan newspaper made the claim, though Iranian authorities still have not offered a detailed accounting of the toll of the demonstrations that began Friday over government-set gasoline prices rising.

The newspaper said: “Some reports say that judiciary considers execution by hanging for the riot leaders a definite punishment.”

It did not elaborate.

Hossein Shariatmadari, who is one of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representatives, is the head of the Kayhan newspaper.

The protests appeared to be ongoing on Tuesday in some areas of the country.

It remains difficult to know the scale of the demonstrations. Iran shut down the internet Saturday, stopping protesters from sharing information and their videos online.


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