The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have sent young Afghans to fight in Syria. (Supplied)

March 30, 2019

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has met on Friday March 29 with family members of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps IRGC’s Afghan recruits who have been killed in Syria.

During seven years of military intervention in Syria, IRGC has used the Fatemyoun Corps (made up of Afghan recruits) and Zaynabyoun Brigade (comprising Pakistani Shiite recruits) to fight alongside its own forces in support of Bashar Assad.

Khamenei said at the meeting that Afghan “martyrs” in Syria are specially privileged because they have been killed in what he called “double-exile.”

He told the families of Afghan recruits killed in action in Syria, “Your children are those who defeated America in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.”

Khamenei further praised IRGC’s Afghan recruits as being more resilient in jihad and defense.

According to the commander of Fatemyoun, over two thousand Afghan refugees recruited in Iran by IRGC and deployed to Syria have been killed in war Syria.

Radio Farda

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