May 20, 2016

Iranian Kurdish groups claim that the army has started building new military forts along its borders with the Kurdistan Region and deploying extra troops to the area.

Rahim Mangori, a Peshmerga commander of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) told Rudaw that the main concentration of troops has been taking place near the border towns of Shino and Piranshahir.

“Iran has started troop movements in the entire area and is building new military posts and forts,” Mangori said. “The regime is also forcing people to spy for the army.”

Iranian Kurdish leaders believe this troop deployment comes after their announcement that they would move Peshmerga fighters into towns and cities for a possible resumption of armed struggle against Iran.

Nine new forts have been built along the border, the Kurdish groups say.

KDPI, Komala and other Kurdish groups have claimed responsibility for clashes in some Iranian villages in recent weeks where several Iranian soldiers were killed.

Aziz Sidqi, the commander of KDPI’s splinter group (KDP) believes that people have welcomed the return of the Peshmerga into urban centers “which will give a new spirit to the Kurdish fight for freedom,”

Kurdish fighters from Iran also known as the Peshmerga have seen greater concentration along the Iranian border since last year.

In some areas the KDPI and other groups are based less than two miles from Iranian army posts.


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