Lebanese businessman Nizar Zakka was detained in Iran since 2015. (Al Arabiya)

June 12, 2019

Lebanese IT expert Nizar Zakka, who arrived in Beirut on Tuesday after being detained in Iran since 2015, told Al Arabiya that he was “subjected to all kinds of torture from the Iranians” when he was first arrested.

Zakka also said that it was the Revolutionary Guards that interrogated him, not the Iranian intelligence.

“My next mission is explaining the conditions of the detainees in Iran,” he told Al Arabiya.

He also spoke of a US detainee, under the name of “Wang”, and another British detainee who were with him in Iranian custody, adding that they are both in good health conditions but “they have some problems.”

“Iran does not respect international agreements the least bit,” he added.

Al Arabiya 

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