June 7, 2015

Members of the Mauritanian National Assembly have called on Arab states to “continue and intensify the joint work of the Arab forces in Yemen and to evict the Iranian regime from Arab regions in response to its meddling in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.”

A statement signed by 23 deputies called for the “formation of an Arab military force whose mission would be rapid and immediate intervention to provide security for the Arab States”.

The lawmakers said: “It’s time for the voice of the Iranian people and its legitimate Resistance against the ruling regime in Iran to be heard.”

“That Resistance was first to reveal Iran’s interventions in the region, and support for it would be the best way to bring about change in the balance of power and to achieve peace and security in the region.”

They called on “Islamic scholars and centers and political figures in the Arab and Islamic countries to raise the voice of protest against Iranian interference in the region.”

“In Iraq, Iran stands behind the sectarian war where the country is now on the verge of division, and Iraq has become an arena for terrorists and militias loyal to it,” they added.

“The interventions and warmongering by the Iranian regime in the region do not emanate from its power, but are aimed at covering up its intractable political, social, and economic crises which are increasing by the day. Faced with these interventions, the right choice is to root out the Iranian regime in the region and support the opposition.”

Source: NCRI

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