Cars drive on an unlit street during a blackout in Tehran, Iran, Jan 20, 2021. (AP)

September 13, 2021

Iran will face serious electricity shortages in winter, with a shortfall of 200 million cubic meters of natural gas daily, Fars news agency has warned on Monday.

Iran’s new oil minister Javad Owji had warned on August 28 that shortages of natural gas will severely impact power generation plants this winter, leading to insufficient supply of electricity.

Last winter, major cities in Iran were hit by unexpectedly long power cuts and pollution from power plants that resorted to burning dirty liquid fuels, such as mazut and diesel.

Fars says that even alternate solutions, such as burning more liquid fossil fuels at power plants have become difficult because 4,000 tanker trucks “have become unavailable”. It is not clear if the tanker truck fleet has suffered from attrition or private tanker trucks refuse to carry fuel with prices the government is willing to pay.

Fars blamed the government of former president Hassan Rouhani for shortsightedness and lack of planning, but the natural gas shortage is mainly due to a gradual decrease in production due to lack of investments in major gas fields.

As one solution to the impending crisis, Fars says that Owji plans to import electricity from Turkmenistan that would cost Iran hard currency. Tehran might also be forced to reduce gas and electricity exports to Iraq.

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