Religious figures in Morocco are leading campaigns throughout the country condemning Shiism as straying from the path of Islam.

Religious figures in Morocco are leading campaigns throughout the country condemning Shiism as straying from the path of Islam.

March 17, 2015

Islamists from both ends of the spectrum are putting aside their differences to confront what they describe as “the threat to the entire Sunni community.

According to news website Yabiladi, Salafist Mohamed Maghraoui, better known for his fatwa on allowing the marriage of underage girls, was invited to speak in a meeting on the dangers of Shiism on the individual and society. Participants in the meeting organized in the region of Safi, southern Morocco, estimated that the followers of Shia Islam are trying to mislead people.

In fact, the Sunni-Shia controversy in Morocco has intensified following the founding of a Shiite group in the northern city of Tangier. The group called Al-Khat al-Rissali for Studies and Publishing was the target of harsh criticism from many Moroccan Salafi groups which deemed the presence of such group in the kingdom as destabilizing the “religious security of Moroccans and contributes in fracturing unity and weakening the Moroccan national fabric.”

The “anti-Shia” campaign in Morocco also comes in the wake of the release of a classified report by the South African intelligence Agency (NIA). The report made public by Al Jazeera network outlines the efforts made by Iran to export the Iranian revolution principles and stir up Shia Muslim groups in several African countries, including Morocco, through the use of a variety of organizations that are concerned with realizing the Iranian objectives in the continent.

The same source added that the Unification and Reform Movement, a movement close to the ruling Party of Justice and Development (PJD), also invited scholars to talk on the dangers of Shiism in the capital Rabat. In the southern city of Agadir, Abdellah Nahari, a Moroccan scholar, blasted young Moroccans who embrace Shiism on Iranian Television, warning against the Shiite threat on the security and stability of Muslim countries.

Morocco is among countries which regard Shia Muslims as a threat to regional stability and serving Iranian interests. Malaysia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have all seen similar campaigns against Shiism. Ousted Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, is reported to have said once that Shia Muslims are more dangerous to Islam than zionists.

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