Morocco's King Mohammed VI

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI

October 15, 2016

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI will be sending an ambassador to Tehran after a seven year absence.

According to Moroccan state news, the Moroccan monarch received 66 new ambassadors for its diplomatic missions, among them the appointment of the ambassador to Tehran.

Rabat cut diplomatic ties with Tehran in March 2009 due to what it called the “unacceptable attitude on the part of Iran against Morocco, and its interference in the country’s religious affairs.”

Iran had taken no public stand against Morocco in response to the move, and instead stated that it was “shocked” by Rabat’s decision.

Morocco opened diplomatic channels with Iran last year when Morocco’s foreign minister, Salaheddine Mezouar, stated in November the determination of the country to appoint an ambassador to Tehran “as soon as possible.”

In a meeting with GCC states in April, Morocco criticised “Iranian interventions in Arab countries.”

The meeting issued a statement honouring a commitment to the “collective defence for the security of their countries and their stability, and any attempt aimed at destabilising security and stability…which threatens regional security and international peace.”

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