Iranian president Hassan Rouhani attends his swearing-in ceremony for a further term, at the parliament in Tehran, Iran, August 5, 2017. (REUTERS)

April 30, 2020

A newly elected Iranian lawmaker will be banned from Parliament for presenting a fake university degree, the spokesman of Iran’s election watchdog said on Wednesday.

Sina Kamalkhani was elected in February to represent the city of Tafresh in Parliament.

“Due to the fact that the institution from which Kamalkhani received his degree is invalid, his degree is also invalid, and he cannot enter the Parliament,” the semi-official Fars news agency quoted Guardian Council spokesman Abbas Abbasali Kadkhodaei as saying on Wednesday.

The votes of the Tafresh constituency have been annulled as a result, Kadkhodaei said, adding that someone else will be re-elected from the Tafresh constituency for Parliament.

The Guardian Council will further assess Kamalkhani’s situation at its next meeting and make a final decision then, he said.

Kamalkhani had denied in recent days that his academic credentials were forged. He claims to have a master’s degree in sociology.

Fake university degrees amongst Iranian officials have led to several political scandals in recent years.

Former Interior Minister Ali Kordan was impeached in 2008 by the Parliament after a doctorate he claimed to hold turned out to be fraudulent.

Al Arabiya

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