An Iranian anti-narcotics policeman stands guard beside a display of confiscated drugs. (REUTERS)

January 6, 2021

Pakistan’s minister for narcotics control, Brig. Ijaz Ahmad Shah, discussed regional initiatives by Iran to combat drug trafficking, as a delegation led by Iran’s anti-narcotics chief visited Pakistan.

The head of Iran’s Anti-Narcotics Police, Brig.-General Majid Karimi, visited the Pakistani ministry of narcotics control on Tuesday, with the ambassador of Iran to Pakistan Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini, Secretary Anti-Narcotics Control Shoaib Dastagir, Col. Omid Sarwari, a liaison officer of the Iranian Police Force in Pakistan, and other senior officials.

Pakistan’s federal minister for narcotics control, Brigadier (R) Ijaz Ahmed Shah met with an Iranian delegation led by the head of anti-narcotics police, Iran, Brigadier General Majid Karimi, in Islamabad, Pakistan on Jan. 5, 2021. (Photo courtesy: PID)

“Ijaz Ahmad Shah, emphasizing the need to strengthen Iran-Pakistan border cooperation, welcomed Iran’s initiatives and proposals to effectively combat drug trafficking,” a statement from the narcotics ministry said. “We are trying to identify and cut the narcotics demand in Quetta, the area close to the border with Iran, and in addition, we demand the exchange of information between the two countries and the strengthening of cooperation between relevant institutions.”

Karimi stressed Iran’s readiness to expand cooperation with Pakistan to combat the drug trade. 

“Our main problem today is the increase in poppy production in the region,” he said. “We have the capacity to face this challenge, but it is necessary to further strengthen relations and bilateral cooperation between the Anti-Narcotics Forces of Iran and Pakistan.”

“There is a need for more coordination on the common border to deal effectively with drug traffickers,” Karimi added. 

“Karimi called for an immediate response of Pakistani forces at the common border if any incident of smuggling occurs,” the statement said. “He said Iran is ready to train Pakistani forces and considering the strong capabilities of anti-narcotics force officers in Iran, we are ready to exchange staff and experts between the two countries.”

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