Iran road sign near the Pakistan Iran Border. (IRNA)

September 21, 2019

Security forces in Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province bordering Iran have arrested a foreigner, and recovered a huge cache of explosives and arms, officials said on Saturday.

Official documentation seen by Arab News, confirmed that the arrested man is an Iranian national and belongs to Kash area in the central Iranian province of Alborz.

“The levies force, on a tip-off raided a house in Taftan near the Pak-Iran border on Thursday night and arrested a terrorist who happens to be foreign national,” Fateh Khan KHajjak, deputy commissioner of Chaghi, told Arab News, but declined to specify his nationality.

“The forces have also recovered a huge cache of heavy arms and explosives from the house,” he said, and added that an investigation was underway to ascertain the possible targets of the alleged militant.

Relations between Iran and Pakistan have been strained in recent months, with both sides accusing each other of not doing enough to stamp out militants allegedly sheltering across the border.

Official correspondence which Arab News has seen, revealed that the accused, an Iranian man identified as Farsheed s/o Imam Bakhsh, was captured in a raid conducted soon after midnight on Friday.

“One double cabin and one Irani Zamiyad vehicle were also recovered,” the documents said.

According to the official report, the security forces also recovered 1,360 SMG rounds, 35 hand grenades…powder for suicide jackets, 28 fuses of bombs, 21 fuses of rocket launchers, seven fuses of rockets, 114 other kinds of explosives, 1,960 rounds of 223 rifle with five round boxes, 220 rounds of Draganov rifle, two GPS, four chargers with remotes, the cable of a Thuraya satellite phone, three powerland batteries, three small packets of explosives, two back side of LNG rifles, two built-in casings, 250 grams of explosives and one China mobile with three Iranian SIM cards.

Meanwhile, sources said that an accomplice of Farsheed’s had managed to escape. His identity and nationality could not be ascertained.

Earlier in July this year, Pakistani authorities had recovered an Iranian spy drone in Tuzgi Wadh area of the Chaghi district bordering Iran and Afghanistan.

“Levies took into possession the drone at Tuzgi Wadh area of Chaghi district which is few miles away from Reko Diq (gold) mine,” a local official of the Balochistan government had earlier told Arab News.

“The drone (was) grounded with the help of a parachute and was in a functional condition. Had the troops not switched it off on time, it would’ve flown away,” he said.

Analysts and drone experts later confirmed the seized drone was Iranian.

Earlier, on June 22, 2017, Pakistan said that it had shot down an Iranian drone in Panjgur after it was found flying inside its territory.

“The drone was hit by Pakistan Air Force as it was unidentified and was flying at around 3-4 km inside Pakistani territory,” a statement issued by the foreign office has said.

Chaghi is known for Chaghi-I, a code name for the five simultaneous underground nuclear tests conducted by Pakistan on May 28, 1998.

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