Nurses treat a patient with coronavirus disease at a hospital in Tehran, Dec 16, 2020. (Reuters)

June 16, 2021

The Pfizer vaccine is being sold in Tehran for 25 to 60 million tomans (around $1,036 to $2,488), a state-run daily said today. According to the Hamshahri Daily, the vaccines are being sold in parts of the capital equipped with modern refrigeration systems. Two vaccine doses are sold from between 25 to 60 million tomans. The price difference depends on the injection site and point of contact.

Hamshahri said the “unofficial vaccine market” has flourished because vaccination in Iran has stopped due to a shortage of second doses leaving many Iranians searching for vaccines in the black market.

Those in need are introduced through “trusted” sources and by presenting their national ID, they can access the “unofficial” market to purchase the Pfizer vaccines.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei banned the import of US and UK vaccines in a televised speech on January 8.

In the past months, many countries, including the US and UK have eased their lockdown restrictions after a large portion of their population was vaccinated. However, Iranian officials are reporting the fifth peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the death toll and number of infections is still on the rise.

Iran has imported the Russian and Chinese vaccine and started vaccination on the elderly (over 75 years old) and healthcare employees, however, vaccination was stopped in the past two weeks.

Iran’s Ministry of Health announced yesterday that the COVIran Barakat Vaccine has been authorized for use. This is while according to the Head of Medicine Affairs Organization, tasked with authorizing vaccines, the third phase trials have not yet ended.

According to unofficial figures announced by the Paris based NCRI opposition group, over 312,200 people have passed away in the country from COVID-19. Iran’s Health Ministry has put the fatalities at 82,351 but many health officials have noted that the real death toll is much higher.


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