Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaking at the UN Security Council meeting. (Supplied)

March 1, 2021

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned Joe Biden’s administration that appeasing Iran would be disastrous for the US and the Middle East.

“Looks like the new Team Biden appears to be headed back into appeasing Iran. This will be a disaster for the United States of America and a disaster for the region as well,” he stated on Saturday.

“America First is right for America,” he said. “The entire world benefits when America is fearless and bold and strong.”

During a barnstorming speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he said, “We were told that: ‘this is an establishment foreign policy.’ We were told that you can’t sanction the ayatollah in Iran and you can’t stop sending out pallets of cash to the leadership: ‘there’d be war.’ Well, we did. And there wasn’t war.”

He further stated that “the Abraham Accords forged a real peace in the Middle East.”

“What’s good news today for me is when you’re a diplomat, you have to stay in your lane. I don’t have that. I’m not a diplomat. I’m going to let it rip,” Pompeo said, before praising the US assassination of leader of Iran’s Quds Force Qassem Soleimani.

“So how many of you remember Qassem Soleimani?” he asked the audience.

“He didn’t cause trouble for Americans ever again.”

Pompeo touted the policies that he enforced in Iran and China under Donald Trump and the anger that he had evoked from the two countries.

“The Chinese have sanctioned me. The Iranians don’t think so much of me either,” he said to loud applause. “But I’m proud of our fight. We have upended the status quo.”

Pompeo declared that “when President Biden reentered the Paris Climate accord I can tell you that Chinese leader Xi Jinping was smiling every single minute, and the American worker lost.”

Asharq Al-Awsat

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