Yemen soldiers fire back at Houthi targets in Sana’a. (Supplied)

January 15, 2019

As battles intensify on both north and south Yemeni fronts, namely in Saada and Taiz, the Yemeni army air forces said it managed to successfully down another Iran-made drone operated by Houthis.

The Yemeni army’s official website published a statement saying that operations for downing Houthi militia drones is taking place across all battlefronts, with six Iran-made drones being destroyed over the last 10 days.

Last Saturday, according to the statement, Yemeni army forces, backed by pro-government popular forces and tribes, were able to locate and shoot down a drone in Baqm district in the Houthi stronghold, Saada.

The army added that this operation was the first and that previous efforts have downed at least three other drones in the Yemeni militia stronghold.

“Iran’s continued support for Houthi militias and providing the group with sophisticated weapons including ballistic missiles and aircraft violates UN resolutions, with the aim of prolonging the war in Yemen and destabilizing the region to better serve Tehran’s interests and subversive agenda,” the Yemeni army said.

Meanwhile, army sources confirmed 20 Houthi deaths on Sunday evening as killed in clashes in Saada province, after the elements of the Iranian-backed group tried to infiltrate army-held positions north-west of the northern Baqm district, but failed and were forced to flee.

A number of Houthis fighters were also killed during clashes in Taiz, where militiamen tried to slip past army defenses in the Madar region but failed, army sources said.

Meanwhile, army artillery targeted a vehicle based north of Mount Mounim west of Taiz city, resulting in its immediate destruction and death of all Houthi members onboard.

In an official statement, Col. Fuad Hassan, leading a unit at the Dabbab Front, west of the city of Taiz, confirmed army forces having circled militias in the area of Ramada.

Hassan pointed out that army forces carried out, during the past two days, a qualitative operation in the region in which it destroyed a vital war room used by the Iran-backed militias.

Asharq Al-Awsat

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