Iranian human rights activist Narges Mohammadi. (Supplied)

May 24, 2021

An Iranian court sentenced prominent human rights advocate Narges Mohammadi to 80 lashes, two and a half years in prison and a fine, her husband said on Sunday, less than a year after she was released from prison.

Mohammadi’s latest charges include propaganda against the regime thorough campaigning against the death penalty and participating in a sit-in in prison in December 2019 to protest the killing of anti-government protesters a month earlier, Taghi Rahmani, himself an activist in exile, said on Instagram.

Mohammadi, 48, is the spokeswoman and vice president of the Defenders of Human Rights Center, a rights group banned in Iran. Shirin Ebadi, one of the group’s co-founders, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.

Mohammadi was previously sentenced to a total of 16 years in prison on several charges. Having spent five years in prison, she was released in October 2020 after her sentence was shortened.

Despite her release from prison, Mohammadi has not been allowed to leave the country. She has been apart from her two children, who live in France with their father Rahmani, since 2015.

Al Arabiya

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