Smoke rises during a protest after authorities raised gasoline prices, in the central city of Isfahan, Iran, Nov. 16, 2019. (AP)

July 30, 2021

Security forced Friday arrested several women who gathered in Tehran’s Azadi square to demand justice for their sons killed in the November 2019 protests in Iran.

Activists published news and photos of the gathering, saying five mothers were detained but there is still no additional information whether they were released or where they were taken.

Mothers of victims killed by security forces in the bloodiest protests in Iran have formed a group to demand justice for their children. Friday’s gathering was also to show solidarity with recent protests in Khuzestan province, during which around ten protesters have been killed and dozens arrested.

They chanted, “From Tehran to Khuzestan, unity”, while holding pictures of their children. In a video on social media one of the mothers says, “Enough with slavery. We are not asking anyone to support us. We are asking you to defend yourselves and your young children.”

In their slogans during the gathering the women did not hide that they want the overthrow of the Islamic Republic.

Their demands for the Judiciary to answer how and why their children were killed, families have received no answer, except to accept compensation and “close the cae”.

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