A police motorcycle set on fire during protests in Karaj on Wednesday August 01, 2018. (Social Media)

August 2, 2018

For the second consecutive evening on Wednesday August 1, people in Gohardasht, in Karaj region, west of Tehran protested against rising prices and economic hardship, amid clashes with security forces.

A video uploaded on social media shows at least one police motorcycle was set on fire, although Radio Farda cannot independently verify when and where the images were recorded.

There are no reports yet about any possible casualties or arrests.

In other videos protesters are chanting slogans, including; “Oh Iranian, it’s enough – Defend your honor” and calling for the overthrow of the ruling clergy. In one video the crowd is chanting, “Death to the dictator”.

The new round of protests in Isfahan and Gohardasht this week were triggered by yet another huge drop in the value of the national currency, which hit an all-time low of 12,000 rials against the U.S. dollar – a fall of almost 40% in a matter of days.

The devaluation of the rial is indicative of worsening economic conditions and rising prices, which have left many ordinary Iranians in despair.

People in Gohardasht began their protests on Tuesday evening and videos circulated on social media showed security forces trying to disperse the crowds. People were heard shouting, “Rising prices, inflation – Threaten people’s lives”.

The central city of Isfahan also witnessed daytime protests on August 1. In videos taken by social media users, people are heard shouting, ” Have shame Khamenei – Leave the country alone” and “Remaining silent is treachery against Iran”.

Some protesters were chanting, “Reza shah, bless your soul”, in reference to the founding monarch of the Pahlavi dynasty who launched the economic, educational and administrative modernization of Iran.


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