June 22, 2017

“The six missiles launched into Deir ez-Zor by Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards have actually hit a hospital, residential areas, and a number of schools used to accommodate refugees”, says a Syrian writer and journalist in his interview with NRT TV.

“I myself come from Deir ez-Zor”, said Amer Howeedy, adding “The six missiles fired by Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards into Syria have hit ‘Noorisaeid’ hospital, the ‘Badieh Maydan’ district, and another residential area. They’ve also targeted a number of schools which were used as a shelter for the refugees in the region.”

“The missiles didn’t hit ISIS”, he added, “The images and the evidence related to the areas hit by the missiles are available. The question is, where the ISIS headquarters, which are said to be hit by six missiles launched by Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards into Deir ez-Zor province, are located?”

Amer al-Howeedy maintained that the places hit by Revolutionary Guards’ missiles are all located in residential areas. “Iranian regime’s terrorism killing civilian people is no less than that of ISIS. The missile attack has hit none of ISIS’s strongholds”, he said.


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