Amir Salar Davoudi lawyer defending political prisoners in Iran. (Supplied)

August 3, 2021

Amir Salar Davoudi, a human rights lawyer in Iran whose 30-year jail term was upheld by a revolutionary court recently has said that the main reason for his conviction is his activism and defending dissidents in acourt free of charge.

Davoudi was convicted in June 2019 for setting up a channel on the social media pp Telegram reporting on the Islamic Republic’s human rights violations. But he says the real reason was his persistent defense of those charged for opposing the regime for 12 years and his human rights activities.

In a note written by Davoudi and received by Iran International he added that the notorious revolutionary court judge Abolghasem Salavati had a “grudge against him”. He went to on to say that Salavati not only held a grudge against him but those attorneys who defend human rights cases in Iran.

Davoudi also wrote in his note that “This obliges me to endure and fight to the end, to defend the rights of the people, although I can’t invest any hopes in the Islamic Republic.”

The human rights attorney put up an $80,000 bail, an astronomical amount in Iran, to be temporarily out of jail. With the decision to uphold his conviction he can be arrested anytime to serve the sentence.

Iran International

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