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April 16, 2016

In his meeting with Senegalese President on the sidelines of the 13th summit of OIC in Istanbul, President Rouhani stressed Tehran-Dakar cooperation on international issues, such as security consultations over ME and North Africa.

“Expanding all-out relations with African countries is of high significance for the Islamic Republic of Iran and for that, we are ready to boost relations with Senegal in various fields of economy, science, culture, and health,” said President Rouhani in his meeting with Senegalese counterpart Macky Sall in Istanbul on Friday.

Iranian President deemed ‘strengthening of Islamic unity’ one of the most important duties of the OIC during the current sensitive situation in the region, adding “today, the enemies are intending to plot against Muslims and use it to spread division in the Islamic world on the one hand, and on the other, to use terrorist groups exploiting the name of Islam, for their own political ends.”

Rouhani lamented the growth of terrorism and violence in the Islamic world, saying “Iran has always extended help to those countries appealing for assistance in the fight against terrorism, but the world needs serious and collective efforts for finally defeating the terrorists.”

President Sall, for his part, expressed keen interest in expanding relations with Iran, calling for the presence of Iranian economic delegations in his country for further improvement of trade ties.

He also hailed President Rouhani’s positions and remarks in the 13th summit of OIC, saying his country is ready to cooperate with Iran in the fight against terrorism, extremism and violence.

Source: Mehr News Agency

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