Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman Al-Saud attends the 29th Arab League Summit in Dhahran, April 15, 2018. (AFP)

December 15, 2021

Saudi Arabia seeks a serious approach to handling Iran’s nuclear and missile programs and their consequences for the stability of the region, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Tuesday.

“The Kingdom stresses the importance of seriously and effectively dealing with the Iranian nuclear and missile program in a way that contributes to achieving regional and international security and stability,” the Crown Prince said at the annual Gulf summit.

“It also stresses the principles of good neighborliness, respect for UN resolutions, and sparing the region from all destabilizing activities,” he added.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan also mentioned the Vienna talks to revive the abandoned 2015 Iran nuclear deal, saying that Tehran’s “unyielding stance” was concerning.

He also expressed the Gulf’s wish for a “long and comprehensive nuclear accord with Iran” and for the negotiations to succeed.

“We want natural relations with Iran and that depends on it [the nuclear deal],” the minister said.

He also stressed that the Gulf countries are closely monitoring the progress of the Vienna talks and reiterated the Gulf’s stance of the necessity of being included in them.

The closing statement of the summit condemned Iran’s “malign activities” in the region, specifically its support to Yemen’s Houthi militias which it uses in attacks on Saudi Arabia, as enabling the activities of other Shia militias in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

The Gulf countries have long said Iran needed to stop its destabilizing activities in the region through providing financial and military support to its network of proxy militias across the Middle East.

Al Arabiya

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