Iranian spiritual leader’s adviser for military affairs Yahya Rahim Safavi. (Tasnim)

September 20, 2019

A top military advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said on Friday that Iran will respond from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean against any US conspiracies, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported.

Maj. Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi said that, “Thirty years after the Sacred Defence, the Islamic Revolution has become an invincible power in West Asia, and if the Americans are thinking of conspiring [against Iran], the Iranian nation will respond to them starting from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.”

The “Sacred Defense” is a term used by the Iranian regime to refer to the eight-year-long war with Iraq. Iran celebrates “Sacred Defense Week” every year at this time of the year.

“The Americans should take [Hezbollah leader] Hassan Nasrallah’s words seriously. Any anti-Iranian move will transform the region,” added Safavi.

Nasrallah had reaffirmed his loyalty to Iran and Khamenei on September 10, and had stressed that he will not be on the fence if “Iran is involved in any war.”

Safavi also praised Iran’s military strength. “The Americans are well aware that we have a wise and brave leader, as well as powerful armed forces,” claimed Safavi.

He also said that Iran is pursuing “the policy of creating peace and lasting security in West Asia,” adding that “We hope that our regional and trans-regional enemies know that Iran does not intend to attack or invade any countries.”

Safavi made other comments on topics ranging from Iran’s regional role to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who he accused of lying.

“The Supreme Leader is not [only] Iran’s commander-in-chief, but he is the commander of the forces defending Palestine, Syria and Yemen,” said Safavi.

“[US Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo was formerly the head of the CIA. their job is to deceive and lie,” he added, presumably reacting to Pompeo blaming Iran for attacks on key Saudi oil facilities on September 14.

“The Americans know that the emerging power of the Islamic Revolution and the Resistance Front is on the rise, and that the power of their supporters is on the decline,” he added.

Safavi also addressed US President Donald Trump and his administration’s sanctions policy of maximum pressure, which aims to cut Iran off from international finance in response to Tehran’s refusal to stop supporting terrorist organizations across the region.

US President Donald Trump will “suffer the same fate as the six presidents who came and went before him, all of whom failed in imposing their political will on the Iranian nation and government,” he said.

“The patient Iranian nation will overcome these economic pressures and sanctions,” aded Safavi.

Al Arabiya

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