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Jan 18, 2016

The Saudi journalist, Daood Al-Sherian, wrote an article about

alleged role of Gaddafi in the disappearance of Moussa Al-Sadr in “Arabi21 website”. LIBYAPROSPECT is translating the article here in English for its readers.

Al-Sherian noted in his article to Al-Arabiya channel reporting the involvement of the Iranian revolution leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, in killing the Shiite leader Moussa Al-Sadr based on a story mentioned in a new book to be issued in America about the “Islamic revolution” in Iran.

The writer elaborates on the news broadcasted that Shah Mohamed Reda Bahlawi held secret communications with Imam Moussa Al-Sadr and wanted to bring him to Iran to deter the Iranian revolution.

The book, written by professor Andrew Cooper of Colombia University entitled “the Fall of Sky: Bahlawanians and the last days of Iran empire”, referred that Khomeini felt Al-Sadr was a threat, so he arranged for his killing with Gaddafi.

According to the book, Al-Sadr held secret calls with Shah of Iran which compelled Khomeini to get rid of Al-Sadr so that he wouldn’t become a bridge for the survive of the Shah from the “Iranian revolution”.

Al-Sherian keeps elaborated on the book that “Shah was ready to start conversations with Al-Sadr for thinking that the latter was able to understand the concept of coexistence between religion and modernity in Iran, but his disappearance aborted this conversation and opened the way in front of the armed Shiite in Iran”.

New York Times published excerpts of the book from tprofessor of Boston University, Richard Norton, who worked as United Nations observer in Lebanon that “we heard about an Iranian role in the disappearance of Al-Sadr” adding that “Al-Sadr was familiar with Shah, no doubt he received money from him”.

Al-Sherian questioned what reactions will this news make on the Lebanese arena? The disappearance of Al-Sadr was and still a big distraction with a crafted noise made around it every once in a while. The last was preoccupying the Lebanese judiciary weeks ago with the disappearance of A-Sadr after the son of Gaddafi, Hannibal, who is a new witness in the disappearance, was arrested.

Full ignorance was the first reaction of Hezbollah and affiliated Lebanese media, though it was always interested in any information about disappearance of Al-Sadr, whatever its value or source were.

The ignorance is an indicator to refusing the idea; it is considered a silent counter campaign. The silence might be broken later by a campaign that describes the book as being a try to defame Al-Sadr though the information may improve the image of Al-Sadr with others in Iran and outland perceive him as a savior of Iran who circumstances haven’t helped him.

No doubt this news explains the exaggerated interest of Hezbollah in the disappearance of Al-Sadr and turning him into an icon of sadness and unfairness. It appears that who oversaw this continuous campaign were getting ready for the uncovering day, so that they wouldn’t be accused of involvement in conspiracy against Al-Sadr.

Al-Sherian said that what is sure is that Gaddafi conspiring to kill Al-Sadr wasn’t logical before this information. It is true that Gaddafi regime professed killings and assassinations, but Al-Sadr wasn’t a threat to this regime. Today, the story of Al-Sadr disappearance is complete, the book may end the story forever.


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