Men walk at the Galata bridge with two Turkey flags, in Istanbul, on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016. (AP)

April 26, 2021

Turkey’s government has failed to respond to inquiries about a report stating that an Iranian woman was arrested and deported after visiting the Israeli embassy in Ankara.

A government spokesperson has acknowledged but not responded to multiple requests for comment by the Jerusalem Post.

The woman was arrested by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) when leaving the embassy, according to a Fox News report citing an anonymous source.

She was then deported and ended up being jailed in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison that houses political dissidents, the source told Fox.

The source also told Fox News that the woman had visited Tel Aviv with her boyfriend on an Iranian passport and “most likely was involved in doing something for the Israelis.”

Turkey has a history of colluding with the Iranian regime in extraditing political dissidents.

Despite this, it remains a popular choice for those fleeing persecution, as it is one of the few countries that Iranians can travel to without a visa, and it shares land borders with the Islamic Republic.

On April 5, Kurdish activist Afshin Sohrabzadeh was arrested after visiting a police station to obtain travel documents and sent to a deportation camp charged with threatening to undermine Turkey’s security.

He had served seven years out of a 25-year jail term in Iran before escaping across the border during a hospital visit in 2016. He is likely to face the death penalty on his return to Iran.

Al Arabiya

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