Students and staff members march at Islamic Azad University, undated. (Azad University)

September 6, 2021

Bijan Abolkarimi, an associate professor of philosophy and an author has been fired from Islamic Azad University in Tehran “for defending the Pahlavi monarchy”, Mehr news agency reported on Sunday.

The agency which later deleted the news, said that Abdolkarimi received his termination notice on Saturday. Meanwhile, other news websites in Iran reprinted the Mehr report.

Abolkarimi has taught philosophy since 2001 and has written and translated several books. His main interest is in political philosophy and the historical differences between the East and the West. It is reported that in some professional gathering he had compared the Islamic Republic with the monarchy and criticized the clerical regime.

The Islamic Republic has conducted several ‘cleansing’ operations in universities, firing professors that it has deemed not committed to the regime. The most widespread firings took place right after the 1979 revolution. Many academics have left Iran over the years for Western countries, especially the United States.

Mehr news quoted the university’s decision to fire Abdolkarimi as “final and to be executed.” The Islamic Azad University has not issued any comment on its decision except the brief Mehr report.

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