US Ambassador Richard Allen Grenell gets in his car after an accreditation ceremony for new Ambassadors in Berlin, Germany, on May 08, 2018. (AFP)

November 18, 2019

The United States has the ability to end the internet blackout in Iran, and ensure it is free of government blockers, the US ambassador to Germany Richard Allen Grenell said on Sunday.

In a tweet, Grenell said, “We have the technical ability to turn the internet on for the people of Iran. And ensure it is free of government blockers. Europe and America should do it together.”

Iran has almost completely shut off access to the internet across the country as protests over an increase in fuel prices intensified for the second day, cybersecurity NGO Netblocks confirmed in a report.

“Iran is in the midst of a near-total national internet shutdown as of 18:45 UTC, Saturday. Real-time network data show connectivity has fallen to just 7 percent of ordinary levels following twelve hours of progressive network disconnections as public protests have continued across the country,” Netblocks said.

Al Arabiya

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