US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft, right, accompanied by President Trump, left, speaks at a luncheon with members of the UN Security Council in the White House, Dec. 5, 2019. (AP)

December 7, 2019

US Ambassador Kelly Craft warned Iran on Friday that the Trump administration will keep up its maximum pressure campaign and use “other tools” if Tehran continues its “malicious behavior.”

Craft also told a wide-ranging press conference that all 15 members of the UN Security Council are united in their concern about any more ballistic missile launches by North Korea, which she called a serious world issue.

The US envoy said the United States will respond to human rights abuses in North Korea, Iran and anywhere else in the world that rights are abused.

Craft was responding to a letter from North Korea’s UN Ambassador Kim Song warning that if the United States goes ahead with a UN Security Council meeting this month on its human rights situation, it will be “another serious provocation” resulting from America’s “hostile policy“and will worsen the situation on the Korean peninsula. She was also responding to recent protests in Iran where hundreds of protesters were reportedly killed.


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