Crowds gathering in front of Ostad Moein St in Tehran in protest against Khamenei for deceiving the public about plane crash. January 12, 2020. (Social Media)

January 31, 2020

The U.S. House of representatives has passed a resolution voicing support for the rights of Iranians engaged “in legitimate and peaceful protests against an oppressive, corrupt regime”.

The House Resolution 752, which was introduced in December, following widespread protests in mid-November violently suppressed by Iran’s security forces, passed without an objection on January 28.

Rep. Theodore Deutch (D-Fl), Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee and Republican Joe Wilson were the co-sponsors of the resolution, which says the November protests in Iran were the most serious movement for change since the nationwide unrest in 2009.

It lists both repressive and violent measures used by Tehran to suppress demonstrators and also numerous statements by officials attesting they will not tolerate any challenge to the Islamic Republic system.

The House of Representative also “condemns the Iranian regime’s serious human rights abuses against the Iranian people, significant corruption, and destabilizing activities abroad”.

In a rare praise for President Donald Trump’s administration, the Democratic-controlled chamber “Commends the statements of support for the protesters from the executive branch”, and key allies.

Demanding support from governments and institutions for the “Iranian people’s right to live in a free society”, the resolution calls on the Iranian regime to “abide by its international obligation” with respect to human rights and civil liberties.

Condemning the Islamic Republic’s measures to restrict and cut off internet services to its citizens, the House asks companies to reject “requests by the regime to cut off people from social media and other communication platforms”. During the protests, the government stopped internet services for days and its cyber army often launches online campaigns against regime opponents, to deprive them of social media platforms.

The resolution also asks the administration to pursue Iran’s human rights violations at the United Nations and to “work with the international community to ensure that violations of human rights are part of all formal and informal…discussions with and regarding Iran.”


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