Mark Toner, US Deputy Department Spokesperson

Mark Toner, US Deputy State Department Spokesperson

July 22, 2016

On Monday, news broke of a secret deal that would ease restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.

REPORTER: The AP has just released a story saying that they’ve obtained a document that shows that key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program would be eased in slightly more than a decade and that these restrictions, once they’re eased, would allow Iran to make a weapon within six months as compared to a year.

Now, the State Department acknowledges the public was prevented from knowing the restrictions would be eased.

MATT LEE: This plan is an IAEA safeguards confidential document, meaning it is not public. Not public to me — I don’t care what you want to call it — if it’s not public, it is in some sense secret.

MARK TONER: So, so, look, let me attempt to answer this question. Um, so, I think my response, our response was simply to say that this wasn’t a document that was somehow unknown to the P5+1; that was somehow unknown to those who are implementing the JCPOA or the IAEA and certainly it was not something that was unknown to Congress.

LEE: There’s no suggestion that the IAEA or the P5+1 didn’t review or didn’t sign off on this. There’s also no suggestion that members of Congress who might have known, might have had an interest in it would have been able to see it. But no one outside that knew what it was or knew its contents, did they? No. So it’s the information in the document that is new to the public.

TONER: To the public?

LEE: Right?

TONER: I’m not going to argue that, yes, that’s true.

Source: Western Journalism

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